Schedule & Content

May 22, 2017

Schedule & Content
1 Keynote speech
2 Anti-seepage and non-excavation technologies in foundation engineering

Speaker:  Fuming WANG
Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, President of College of Water Conservancy & Environmental Engineering ZZU

3 Technical regulations and guidelines for the roofing trade in Germany-A making of by ZVDH

Speaker:  Ulrich Marx

4 Liquid-applied roofing and waterproofing systems in North American

Speaker:  John Schehl
Vice Executive President, NRCA

5 Water control methods for metro engineering and waterproof technology for metro structure in China

Speaker:  Xiangsheng CHEN
Research Fellow, Chief Engineer of Shenzhen Metro Co., Ltd.

6 Waterproofing underground construction with focus on tunnels

Speaker:  CAO Xia
PhD, Principle Scientist

7 The influence of vapor barrier upon the energy-saving and durability of buiding

Speaker:  Theresa A.Weston Ph.D
Research Fellow, Dupont

8 TPO Membranes – Prediction of Actual Performance

Speaker:  Thomas Taylor
Executive Director, Building Science, GAF

9 Flexible, durable and flame retardant Waterproofing Solutions from Polyolefin Elastomers

Speaker:  Stefan Ultsch
Associate TS&D Scientist, DOW ELASTOMERS

10 TPO mechanically fastened roofing system--designing for performance

Speaker:  Samir Ibrahim
Director, Design Services, Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM)

11 Sika PVC Applications in APAC

Speaker:  Hans Schmidhofer
Regional Application Field Manager, Roofing & Waterproofing, Sika

12 The biggest mistake in welding waterproof membranes

Speaker:  Roland Beeler
Head of Business Line Plastic Fabrication / Roofing / Flooring, Leister Technologies AG

13 Research and application of envirnomental friendly & high-performance polymer modifed butimen technique

Speaker:  Sheng YANG
Chief Engineer of Suzhou Waterproof Research Institute, China Building Materials Academy

14 Key-points on the application of chemical root-penetration resistant in polymer modified bitumen membrane

Speaker:  Robert Altmann
Head of Business Unit HerbiTECT, Büsscher & Hoffmann

15 Roofing Considerations for Extensive Vegetated Roof Systems

Speaker:  Karen Liu
Product Manager, Low & Bonar

16 Installation solution for solar system in single-ply roofing

Speaker:  Martin Thomsen
R&D Director of JUAL Solar

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