2018 (Shanghai) International Waterproofing Forum Call for Papers

The International Waterproofing Forum is a technical exchange forum held on the day before the opening of China International Roofing & Waterproofing Expo. The successful two sessions in 2016 and 2017 have welcomed professionals and experts from famous enterprises, institutes and organizations. The depth and width of the forum are widely recognized by industrial experts, scholars and technicians. As an important academic event integrated with the R&W Expo, the forum has become a grand gathering for information communication and technical exchanges.

Currently, China’s government has taken the “Quality Improvement” as its national strategy, which will be implemented by upgrading the quality of product, construction and service. Green construction and sustainable development will be the only way for the development of the building industry. The prefabricated building, sponge city, new type roof system, building energy conservation, and infrastructure such as rail transit, high-speed railway, high way, underground utility tunnel will be the investment priority in future China. Environment-friendly, durability and reliability has become an industrial consensus for research, production and application.

In order to build up an exchange platform for the 2018 forum within the whole industrial chain including raw materials, production equipment, manufacturing, design, application and assessment, we decide to call for technical papers in the whole roofing and waterproofing industry in and abroad. The details are as follows:

I.              Organization

Host: International Roofing Alliance (IRoofA)

Organizer: China National Building Waterproof Association (CWA)

Supporters: National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)

Central Association for German Roofing Contractors (ZVDH)

Expert Committee of China National Building Waterproof Association

Consultant Committee

Wang Fuming

Academician at Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor at Zhengzhou University

Xiao Xuwen

Academician at Chinese Academy of Engineering, Consulting Chief Engineer at China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC)

Hou Baorong

Academician at Chinese Academy of Engineering, Research Fellow at Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ulrich Marx

CEO at Central Association for German Roofing Contractors (ZVDH)

Reid Ribble

CEO at National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)

Li Chenggang

Director at the Expert Committee of China National Building Waterproof Association

Walter Bisig

President of the International Federation for the Roofing Trade (IFD)

Academic Board (in the alphabetic order)

Bai Zhaojun, Cai Zhaoyun, Cao Zhengfu, Chao Wenge, Chen Anning, Chen Baogui, Chen Xian, Chen Xiaomin, Ding Hongmei, Du Bo, Fang Zhanhe, Ge Zhao, Guo Deyou, Guo Jing, Guo Qing, Ha Chengde, Han Lili, He Hangyang, Hou Baorong, Hu Jun, Hu Xiaoyuan, Huo Ruiqin, Ji Wenzheng, Jiang Tao, Jiang Qinyi, Kong Xianming, Li Chenggang, Li Guogan, Li Jianjun, Li Zhongren, Lin Xutao, Lu Jiang, Lu Ming, Lyv Lianya, Ma Liya, Ma Lin, Meng Binquan, Niu Guangquan, Qu Jianmin, Qu Peihua, Qu Hui, Ruan Hezhang, Shang Huasheng, Sheng Liming, Sun Chengheng, Tan Chunli, Tian Fenglan, Tu Weiping, Wang Baozhu, Wang Fuming, Wang Xin, Wu Ming, Xian Yongbiao, Xiao Benlin, Xiao Xuwen, Xu Ning, Xue Shaozu, Yang Sheng, Yang Sixin, Yang Yang, Yao Guofang, Ye Jun, Ye Linbiao, Ye Linchang, Yi Ju, You Jinqiu, Zhang Daozhen, Zhang Guangbin, Zhang Wenhua, Zhang Yong, Zhang Yuling, Zhu Deming, Zhu Dongqing, Zhu Zhiyuan, Zhu Zuxi, Guido Vandervelt, John Schehl.

Organizing Committee

Director: Zhu Dongqing(CEO of CWA)

Deputy Director: Miao Yan, Xian Yongbiao, Zhu Deming, Zhu Zhiyuan, Zhang Yong

Member: Shang Huasheng, Chen Yue, Gou Lifeng, Zhang Hengrui, Zhang Na

II.           Forum Theme

Green-oriented Development, Quality-oriented Construction.

III.         Time & Venue

27 May 2018, Shanghai (Venue TBD)

IV.         Paper Scope

l  Market status & development tendency;

l  Vocational training & professionalization;

l  Green construction & green waterproof materials;

l  Fundamental research in building waterproof construction;

l  Research & progress on waterproof materials;

l  Characterization & assessment for waterproof materials;

l  Advanced production equipment & process;

l  Roof system design & application;

l  Underground waterproof system design & application;

l  Building façade waterproof system design & application;

l  Waterproof system design & application in infrastructure projects;

l  Typical case study & analysis;

l  Standardization study & progress;

l  Waterproof in sponge city & prefabricated building;

l  New technology on leakage treatment;

l  Other new technologies in related with waterproofing.

V.           Requirements & Submission of Papers

Requirements on papers:

1. Papers should be free from intellectual property dispute;

2. Papers should not be published in other editorials or conferences;

3. Papers should be written in Chinese or English, and the Chinese papers should be submitted with English titles and abstracts;

4. Please contact the Secretariat for the paper format. Papers should be submitted in MS-Word document. The invited speakers should submit bilingual (Chinese & English) PowerPoint presentations with a display scale of 16:9.

Key Dates:

1. Abstract submission: 1 March 2018

2. Paper submission: 15 April 2018

3. PowerPoint presentation submission: 10 May 2018

Methods of Submission:

Abstracts & papers should be submitted to the Secretariat by E-mail. Authors’ contact information should be indicated in abstracts & papers, including: telephone number (very important), E-mail (very important), QQ or Wechat account, company name, address, and author’s biography.

VI.         Secretariat

Henry Zhang      zhanghengrui51@163.com        18501365167

Anna Zhang      zhangnabeijing@163.com                  13717855145

Tel/Fax: 010-88415069


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China National Building Waterproof Association

30 October 2017